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Ballan Old Cemetery Index Provided by L S & G Reynolds

Creswick Cemetery Transcriptions

Linton Cemetery Index 1860-1880 Provided by Di Hughes

Pitfield Cemetery (Cape Clear) Index 1856-1871 Provided by Di Hughes

Ballarat Cemeteries Index

Genealogical Society of Victoria and B&DGS, 2006 on CD - see BDGS Indexes for sale

This includes the Ballarat Old and New Cemeteries in Central Ballarat. We also have compiled the BALLARAT DISTRICT CEMETERIES INDEX which includes many outlying localities.

Ballarat Cemetery Tours

If you would like to see the graves of Ballarat pioneers and hear interesting stories of the people who lived in the city built on gold you have two choices - Ballarat Old Cemetery with burials from 1858 and Ballarat New Cemetery which came into parallel use from 1867.
The Society conducts group tours of both cemeteries at a cost of $10 per person. For information and bookings please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone the secretary 0467 241 352

Ballarat Cemetery Locations

Ballarat has 2 Cemeteries known as the Old and New. The Old Cemetery is located on Creswick Road (Yellow Pin) and the New Cemetery is located on Norman Street (Red Pin)

Ballarat Old Cemetery

Ballarat Old Cemetery

Ballarat New Cemetery

Ballarat New Cemetery