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A History of Sebastopol (Victoria, Australia) with special reference to gold and mining by Evan D Jenkins & Arthur J Jenkins

This book goes to print in the year 1980, the year which coincides with the 125th anniversary of the naming of Sebastopol. This event must not be confused with the settling of the area, which occurred in 1838 or the celebration of the Constitution of Sebastopol which happened in 1864. It has as its theme the mining and production of gold which was after all the reason why the Borough was so firmly established. The gold era finally came to an end in 1918 and like many other towns Sebastopol's progress for the next 30 years was at a slow rate. Following the Second World War there has been an upsurge in growth, accelerating each year until now, Sebastopol has become one of the principal residential areas in central Victoria. Industries are continually being attracted to the area; recreational facilities are being developed and education through its many schools compare more than favourably with any other Municipality in the State of Victoria. The population now exceeds 7000 whose citizens are both proud of the Borough of Sebastopol, and as this book relates, its history.

We are indebted to the generosity of local historian, Arthur Jenkins, who has provided us with some of his research material on the history of Sebastopol, Victoria, Australia.

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Chapter 1: The Waymakers

Chapter 2: The Great Western Road

Chapter 3: The First Rush

Chapter 4: Bluestone

Chapter 5: The Inventors

Chapter 6: The Golden Chain

Chapter 7: Of Air and Water

Chapter 8: Wonders of the Deep Ground

Chapter 9: The Deserted Village

Chapter 10: The Deep Leads or Gutters

Chapter 11: The Quartz Loads

Chapter 12: Pyrites

Chapter 13: In retrospect

Chapter 14: What of Future Mining at Sebastopol?