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The Barrett collection 2016

In February 2016 John Barrett donated to the Ballarat & District Genealogical Society a document collection in the name of his father Roy Cliff...

MINERS KILLED 1874 - 1885

DivisionDateNAMEMarried /SiDependantsNotes Smythesdale1876/10/09Ack, YumSingle Ballaarat1881/05/17Anderson, JohnSingle Creswick1882/12/12Anderson, ...

MINERS RIGHTS 1874 - 1885 UNIT 3

Unit 3: Two volumes: Form of Transfer Residence Areas Nos 22363-22564: 1898-1899 Certificate of Applications for Claims Nos 3358-3457: 1881-1882 

MINERS RIGHTS 1874 - 1885 UNIT 2

Unit 2: Two foolscap sized bound volumes: Liens on Residence Areas Nos 2089-2138: 1913-1913 Liens on Residence Areas Nos 2159-2258: 1913-1914 

MINERS RIGHTS 1874 - 1885 UNIT 1

Unit 1: Five volumes of application forms: Applications for Residence and Business Areas Nos 8405-8597: 1871-1871 Applications for Residence and ...

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