Image 1894 Ballarat Directory Webb p177-8


1853 Diggings' Directory (Bryce Ross) Little Bendigo p 7-8, Ballarat p 11
1855 Petition of Householders of Ballarat reproduced from Mayoral Report 1881 on 25th Anniversary of Ballarat Municipal Council (4 pages, not alphabetical)
1855 List of Electors for the Electoral District of Ballarat in the Police District of Ballarat VPRS 1189, Unit 208, File 55/16010 Inward Registered Correspondence, dated 19th Oct 1855 (1834 names in Alphabetical order.) Ballarat Archives Centre

1856 The Geelong, Ballarat and Creswick's Creek Commercial Directory and Almanac, Heath & Cordell (Ballarat and Creswick only)

1857 Ballarat Commercial Directory (Huxtable) including Buninyong

1857 Ballarat Business Directory (Henry Morgan) pub 28 May 1857

1862 Ballarat Directory (Birtchnell's, compiled by Butler) including Ballarat, Ballarat East, Creswick, Buninyong, Clunes, Smythesdale and Browns
1865-66 Ballarat & District Directory (F M Dicker) including Buninyong, Browns, Clunes, Creswick, Smythesdale, and Scarsdale.

1866-67 H Wise The Victoria Post Office Directory
Ballarat and Ballarat East p 288, Melbourne p 157

1869 Ballarat Directory (John Swindler) including Black Lead, Buninyong, Bungaree, Burrumbeet, Cambrian Hill, Cargarie, Cherry Tree Flat, Cobblers, Corduroy, Dead Horse, Dog Trap Creek, Durham Lead, Ercildoun, Fellmongers, Green Hill, Hardies Hill, Learmonth, Little Bendigo, Lal Lal, Miners Rest, Mount Clear, Mount Mercer, Napoleons, Ross Creek, Sebastopol, Springs, Scotchmans Lead, Stony Rises, Warrenheip, Windermere.

1875 Ballarat Directory (Niven) includes City of Ballarat, Ballarat East and Sebastopol, including Clunes, Creswick, Smythes etc.

1882 Ballarat Directory (Niven) (no street index) including Ballarat, Ballarat East, Sebastopol, Clunes, Creswick, Kingston, Smeaton, Buninyong, Smythesdale, Scarsdale

1886-87 H Wise The Victoria Post Office Directory

1888-89 Ballarat Directory (Niven)

1889 The Ballarat Illustrated Domestic Almanac and Annual Advertiser (Pinkerton & Chambers)

1890-91 Ballarat Directory (Niven, Vallins) (map of Ballarat)

1894 Webb's Ballarat Directory (Ballarat & BE, does not include Sebastopol)

1895-96 Witton's Ballarat Directory – Trade

1896-97 Sands and McDougall's Ballarat Directory

1903-04 Ballarat & District Directory (Harry Tulloch)

1906-07 Sands and McDougall's Ballarat Directory (Includes paragraphs on all small locations in the Ballarat District. Directory to Large Estates in the Central District of Victoria, names and acreages.)

On microfiche at the Eureka Centre, Ballarat East. 
SLV Wise's Victoria Post Office Directory 1884-85, 1888-89, 1893-94, 1897-98, 1899-1900

c1932 McConnell's Street Directory Ballarat (Business Directory)

1940 Ballarat Telephone Book (November 1940, searchable pdf) Includes Ballarat, Ararat, Horsham, Nhill, Stawell Warracknabeal Districts.

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