Original Eureka Flag on display in the MADE
Original Eureka Flag on display in the MADE

Brief profile of John CRIDGE from Taunton, Somerset, England.

Private John CRIDGE was born in West Hatch, Taunton, Somerset, England.

John CRIDGE was stationed at Eureka in 1854.

In August 1855, John CRIDGE's desertion from Ballaarat was recorded by the Victorian police.

John CRIDGE married Mary HIGGS, 23 November 1863, at the St Gregory's Roman Catholic Church, Queanbeyan, NSW.

Their children were:

  1. John M. CRIDGE, b. 1864, Queanbeyan, NSW
  2. George Matthew CRIDGE, b. 1865; d. 1 August 1926, Numeralla, NSW.
  3. Ellen Martha CRIDGE, b. 1866.
  4. William Thomas CRIDGE, b. 1867 Queanbeyan, NSW; d. 1923; m. Sarah WORLAND, 1892.
  5. Mary Ann CRIDGE, b. 29 July 1869, Krawarree, NSW; d. 2 October 1930, Narrandera, NSW; m. James William BRITT, 15 May 1889, Cooma, New South Wales.
  6. Elizabeth CRIDGE, b. 1871.
  7. Emily CRIDGE, b. 20 October 1872, Braidwood; d. 7 March 1943, Goulburn, NSW; m. George BURGESS, 2 December 1891, Goulburn NSW.
  8. Louisa CRIDGE, b. 1874, Braidwood
  9. John CRIDGE, b. 1876, Cooma
  10. Albert Edwin CRIDGE, b. 1878, Cooma
  11. Frances CRIDGE, b. 1880; d. 1896, Cooma
  12. Henrietta CRIDGE, b. 1883.
  13. Arthur CRIDGE, b. 1885, Cooma
  14. Raymen CRIDGE, b. 1888, Cooma
  15. Walter CRIDGE, b. 1891.

John CRIDGE died at Numerella, NSW, 26 February, 1917, aged 84 years.

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