M.A.D.E Picture Ben Schueddekopf
M.A.D.E Picture Ben Schueddekopf

The Eureka Centre Renamed Museum of Australian Democrary at Eureka (MADE) in 2013
The magnificent new Eureka Stockade centre, in Ballarat, stands on the site of one of the most significant events in Australian history - the Eureka Rebellion. In December 1854, Ballarat's miners took up arms against a corrupt and unjust goldfields administration. After years of oppression, the bloody battle that followed led to the birth of true democracy in Australia. Now, as Australia considers its political future, the new Eureka Stockade centre provides a dramatic focus for contemplation and reflection. Here the original Eureka flag is on display, on loan from the Art Gallery of Ballarat since 2013.

Eureka 157
December 2011 marked the 157th anniversary of the struggle at the Eureka Stockade. It is a story of a group of diggers from around the world who defended their rights and liberties, took concerted action and helped build Australian democracy. Eureka was a defining moment in Australia's history that left a legacy of freedom, social democracy and cultural diversity. It provided many of the foundations on which contemporary Australian society is built. Next to Gallipoli, Eureka is Australia's most talked about armed struggle.
American writer Mark Twain visited Ballarat in the mid 1890s and described Eureka in this way:

It was a revolution - small in size, but great politically; it was a strike for liberty, a struggle for principle, a stand against injustice and oppression ... it is another instance of a victory won by a lost battle.

It is timely for the Eureka Celebrations to commemorate the historic events of Eureka in a forward-looking, contemporary way, enabling us to reflect on its lasting and universal relevance as we build a contemporary Australia that is diverse, inclusive, tolerant and just. The program brought together here seeks to promote and inform discussion about Eureka and its legacy.
The Victorian State Government and City of Ballarat would like to respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners of the land on which the commemorative events of Eureka 157 take place.

Eureka Pages online at Public Record Office of Victoria
Eureka Pages on the Public Record Office of Victoria website.

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Go to the SLV website and search their online catalogue and databases for Eureka items.

Art Gallery of Ballarat
Certainly worth a visit. Past exhibitions include: S T Gill in the Goldfields, Ballarat in Pictures, The Last of England: emigration in prints, Colonial Portraits in the Collection

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There are a number of significant items on the Ballarat Heritage Services website including: Eureka a Multicultural Affair, Eureka Drummer Boy, A Pre-Eureka Incident, as well as publications for sale.

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